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This book, among other things, is a search for our renewed relationship with our Creator. A renewed relationship with our Creator will restore our humanity and purpose on earth. There are unanswered questions that probe our minds as we adjust to the way of life in our society today. Whether we admit or not that our society is under attack from the enemy, the truth remains buried in our subconscious minds, as if we are oblivious to what is happening right before our eyes. The attack is coming from every angle, targeting everything we once believed in and stood for, including “In God we trust.” The truth is we can feel the heat and see the effects of these attacks of evil advances brewing and threatening the core institutions that make up the foundations of our beliefs and livelihood in economic, political, social, educational, financial, and religious structures.

Chapter : 1

Image and likeness

It is obvious that anyone who deeply observes any environment as a whole can testify of the marvel of creation and somehow conclude that everything is designed and situated by a supreme being’s superb handiwork. Heaven and earth bear witness to the breathtaking signature of the Creator’s unique design. At the core of magnificent creation, times and seasons, day and night, rain and sunshine, warm and cold, drought and fire, and water and sand operate in concert, according to their established purposes. Everything in creation moves in a harmonious relationship with the spiritual and natural order of the Creator

Chapter : 2

True Purpose

There must be a very potent reason we get up every day in constant pursuit of everything that matters in our life. We believe that with diligent pursuit, we will eventually bring to fulfillment our heart desires. So, hard work and perseverance are pitched toward accomplishing those desires that will bring meaning and fulfillment in life. To consider it from all sides, the very sense of imagining that you cannot reach some of these goals can be highly disappointing, unbearable, and terrifying. Sometimes, when the reality sets in, we feel like failures or not good enough to meet those demands we place on ourselves to achieve those necessary goals. This debilitating outcome of our intense pursuits makes us feel like a lone fish in the middle of the ocean, out of place in society or life

Chapter : 3

Invincible Hands

You cannot dispute or disprove that you are entirely in charge of running the affairs of your life however way you see fit. We possess a divine heritage that gives us the ability to make vital decisions for our welfare and survival. Yet, to experience the fullness thereof, in a world already set up before placing humankind in it, the best thing to uphold without any regret is knowing that when you are determined to please God first, you please yourself the most

Chapter : 4

Secrets Do Not Exist

One of the principles of American democracy stipulates that no one is above the law, and it echoes through our society as a final rule of law. Everyone must abide by the laws of the land, because that is the ultimate rule. The law applies to all and deals equally with anyone who violates it, irrespective of who they are. The laws are in place to bring structure, guidance, and discipline to the people of the land. These laws open the way for the supreme authority of the land to have its course to benefit everyone.

Chapter : 5


Parents instinctively desire to care for and train their children to become responsible, God-fearing adults who will be valuable contributors to humankind’s progress in many ways. They hope and believe that the children will achieve their dreams and fulfill their highest aspirations. God’s creation process concluded with the creation of humankind and giving them the final authority to rule the earth. God saw that everything He created was good, and He rested (Genesis, chapter 1). He is still resting to this day. He created humankind to continue His mandates on the earth

Chapter : 6


Words are powerful. Words, once spoken, are difficult to erase or take back. People are not always forthcoming when it comes to telling the simple truth in all circles of life. Also, people rarely tell the pure truth when expected. They are quick to tell what they presume others want to hear. Humankind is not trustworthy to hold steadfast unto that which is fair and pure truth from the heart. But God is forever fair and unbiased because He is not a respecter of persons.

Chapter : 7

First Time, First Step

Taking the first assertive initiative has been something we have done since we were babies, and we will continue to do it at every phase of our lives till the end. It is part of who we are, because the absence of it makes life meaningless. With a thorough self-examination, life is full of countless episodes of first initiatives and first times that have been transitional periods in our lives, whether we are consciously aware or not.

Chapter : 8

Mind Your Own

Humans can adapt to any environment and have a powerful imaginative sense that, when utilized, fosters change to that environment. With a strong self-awareness, which is crucial to survival, humans possess spiritual prominence that no other creatures on the planet have. It is necessary to pay attention and take absolute control of everything that relates humankind’s welfare, including rigorous analysis of any unauthorized advances into our domain—people, ideas, thoughts, imaginations.

Chapter : 9

You Attract What You Respect

You cannot fish in shallow waters and expect a boat-swamping catch, just as you cannot team up with shallow minds with poor aspirations and expect to be someone of excellent value to the community or society. As humankind, we coexist in a global community where no one is an island. Everything anyone does revolves around other people, and that is the way it has always been. But you and I have a choice as to those we draw closer into the inner circles of our personal lives.

Chapter : 10

His Own, My Own

We feel comfortably safe, protected, and secured to keep on thriving when effective and efficient security structures are in place to guarantee that. The assurance of feeling secured enables us to nurture our ability to grow and accomplish desires in pursuit of aspirations as individuals and society. Without a reliable sense of safety and security, plans to reach our goals face challenges, and often, the future looks bleak.

Chapter : 11


Expectations raise hopes, lift spirits, and energize humankind to perform life duties, passionately pursue all dreams, and bring visions to life. Without expectations, one cannot achieve and meet the standard requirements of any venture attempted, let alone exceed them. Expectation extracts the ability to measure performance directly in proportion to the practical efforts required to achieve the desired target. The expectations you set and those others anticipate from you form the engine that propels you to perform every task to completion and satisfaction. This burning desire to meet expectations drives the ability to accomplish any task enthusiastically, with hope.

Chapter : 12


God has given humankind a piece of him and expects us to do likewise unto the world. By doing so, we share the love of God through Christ Jesus (the good news) to all—one person at a time. It is better to give than to receive. When you give out your effort, talent, or resources to humankind for a particular cause, you add life to it. In return, the blessings pour in and out immensely from diverse ways. Luke 6:38 tells us, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.”

Chapter : 13


Every mission has a beginning and end. So does our passage through life on earth. There is an obvious reason we are here in this passage of time. Total dependence on humankind can and will be detrimental to the security of satisfying that fate. It is acceptable to have doubts about people and society because humankind will seek personal interests before considering those of others. At best, we take the full initiative to set basic structures that will enhance our welfare, which give us the solid grounds to be of better assistance to others (Matthew 7:3–5). This behavior, when assumed, will bring about doubts or question if someone genuinely cares enough to know how well an individual is really doing.

Chapter : 14

After All, What Else

Amid the complexities of life, the outcomes of all events are predetermined by God. God’s coin has heads on both sides. When tossed, it will be heads until time without end. He was, is, and will forever be God, the Creator of this universe. His sovereignty and supreme spiritual authority He shares with no one. Humankind is a representation of God to reflect His glory. This truth, if either rejected or accepted by humankind, will not change His infinite nature as God and His unconditional love for humanity.